Wednesday, November 03, 2010

TSM 6.1...Finally!!!

So I have landed on my feet as a contractor and where I am currently working they are migrating to 6.1.4 TSM from 5.x versions. In their testing they found a 36GB DB took 14 hours for the complete migration of the DB. This time includes completing storage pool migration, stopping all processes, and bringing down the original TSM server clean.  So I am not looking forward to the large 100+GB DB's.  I also find it interesting how many companies have not migrated to version 6. The only reason they are going  to 6.1.x is that it has been tested and 6.2 has not (their testing process is long and tedious).  So what has everyone else seen as their average migration time from 5.x to 6.x?


  1. You will be dissapointed. We had gone from 5.54 to 6.1.1 then we had to migrate to
    You will have to migrate to 6.2 as 6.1 we have found to be way less stable than 5.5 ever was. Migration hangs, DB blowouts, much pain.

  2. Migration from 5.5.4 to 6.2 is ALOT faster than to 6.1!

  3. Ronnie Lupson1/26/11, 11:45 AM

    Yes, that is one of the major short comings to the 5.x to 6.x data migration is the database migration.

    I have been thinking in some case where the resources are available that a pristine TSM server build maybe better for continues or contiguous backup available. An export data done overtime. I can't experiment with the idea right now to see if a 5.x to 6.x export is compatible. The idea also lacks research and I am shooting from the hip. It is all theory in my mind at this point and if possible it would extend the shut down time of the 5.x tsm window something management may not like. It is a possible die on the vine proposition that my cohorts on the backup team and project team my not like. Hey management does not necessarily like taking down backup for 2 days for migrating a 150+ GB DB. I can hear the snickers. 100+?!! You mad man!!! It happens take a walk.

    Just think chad 36GB was one of the small databases.