Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weird Query Results From 6.1.4

So we have a couple servers we upgraded from 5.3 to and since the upgrade the following select statement does not work. I posted it on and others report their 6.x servers run it without issue.  Here is the statement and my results:

select server_name, node_name, PLATFORM_NAME || ' ' || cast(CLIENT_OS_LEVEL as char(20)) as OS_Version, cast(client_version as char) || '.' || cast(client_release as char) || '.' || cast(client_level as char) || '.' || cast(client_sublevel as char(2)) as TSM_Version from nodes, status

here is the return code I get:

ANR2034E SELECT: No match found using this criteria.
ANS8001I Return code 11.

I run this through a while loop and append the data to an comma-delimited output file so I can pull it into a spreadsheet and organize clients by version. I can then more easily prioritize my client upgrades.  I really need this to work so I can sort and identify the clients location by server_name. Any ideas?

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