Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time For New Phone

My phone contract is up and I want to replace my iPhone 4 with something new. I was going to just replace it with an iPhone 5 but with TSMManager having an Android app for mobile administration I am tempted to move to a Galaxy S III. I have even considered a Galaxy Note 2. I have 3 Android tablets and I am very familiar with ColckworkMod Recovery and playing with different devs. Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. BH left this comment and while trying to moderate it on my stupid iPhone I selected delete instead of publish.

    I haven't used the TSMManager mobile app.. Any good? We are a heavy TSM Manager user in our shop. 6 servers on P7 gear. 2000+ clients.

    BH, I think the key will be getting your Android phone or tablet to connect to your works VPN first. If thats done then the Android TSMManager can at least help you monitor the environment.

  2. I think we have pretty strict port restrictions on the wireless devices so I think it's a no go. oh well...