Thursday, November 15, 2012

STORServer Console 3.0 Released

If you are looking for a TSM management console STORServer has released v3.0 of their console. I have not had the opportunity to use it, but if any reader out their has experience with the product and would like to post a review I will be more than willing to allow it. You can read more about the STORServer Console here.


  1. We bought the earlier version of this product.
    It works well but you need to install it on a separate server apart from your TSM server.

    One issue we were not aware was that it doesn't handle multiple TSM instances so you have to but one for each TSM instance you want to manage.

    Perhaps in version 4.x?

  2. We have been a long time customer of storserver. I have used the old version SSM and the new storserver console and it is light years ahead of anything out there. I can do everything from this console, and so do my operators. I can create admin/client scheds, nodes, deduplication tasks, replication tasks, daily processing and my volume checkouts. It made my TSM servers easy to manage.
    My SSC manages my multiple tsm servers from one console and I have it installed on my tsm server system as well. I use tsm on a windows OS, so Im not sure what the previous post was describing, ours works great and the support team is awesome!