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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tivoli Storage Manager Next Administrative Interface / Beta Programme

The beta test will begin next year. Can IBM make a good Admin GUI for TSM finally? What do you think? I'm still curious!!! ;-)


  1. 01 April :)

  2. Doubt it! But we shall see.

  3. What do you prefer?
    A good GUI like M$ or a perfect program ?

    It seems that a lot of people forget (or ignore) the origin of TSM, created by ADSTAR on IBM MF

  4. I used ADSM since 3.1 and the old Windows GUI and Web GUI were at least functional. The bloatware that is IBM Websphere made TSM's GUI horrible to work with, so I went back to my first love, the command line.

  5. That's why I "desperately" make this tool: http://tsmadm.pl/
    As I already said: I'm still curious!
    Will see...

  6. And I make this tool

  7. Well,
    I recall last TSM symposium in Dresden (hope I will get to Berlin next year). Imagine full conference room of TSM admins (like 200-300 people) - when asked "Who is using ISC/TIP/AdminCenter for daily tasks?" there was NO raised hand. Not a single one ... IBM people said - "Message received" - maybe this is it.

  8. It took them that long to finally get the clue. I swear if they don't fix the way they do things TSM is going to get overtaken and crushed by competitors. They need to look at how they license, their feature set, and ease of use for new users.

  9. Why using GUI interface ?

    Real men don't click !

  10. Hey _Flex,
    Your email address doesn't work. Yu need to post the installtion instructions for your tsmadmin.pl tool.