Friday, August 15, 2014

TKLM and TSM Encryption

When it comes to encryption and TSM you find varying responses from admins. Some use the TSM server as the key manager, others implement a library based key manager, and others use a third party software product. In the past I used TSMs internal encryption key management option and while it is a set-it and forget it process it has some limitations when it comes to Exports and DB Backups.  That is where third party software like TKLM can be beneficial. I have recently implemented TKLM and after some hiccups along the way am still undecided on whether I like it.  If you use TKLM let me know your experience and if there are any issues of which I should be aware.  I'll post my hiccups next week as they will take some time to discuss.


  1. Hi Chad,

    When wanting to do encryption with TSM internal encryption and TS3200 library / LTO 6 or 7 drives, do you need some additional licence on the library, the drives or TSM ?

  2. I'm not sure, I never remember having to register a license so I will say no but try to use the TSM based encryption and if it fails it could be a license issue.

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