Friday, August 29, 2014

TKLM - Things To Know Part 2

Resolving TKLM Memory Issue

TKLM has a known issue with the Java memory heap size. This memory issue results in TKLM becoming slow to respond or stops issuing keys. You can search for an Out Of Memory condition by reviewing the TKLM /tklm/tip/profiles/TIPProfile/logs/server1/SystemOut.log and looking for the following error:


If this error is present the short term solution is to restart the primary and replica TKLM instances to resolve the out of memory state. The long term solution is to change the TKLM memory settings in two files used to determine the processes memory allotment.
·         Restart the TKLM primary and replica which will flush the memory in use and allow TKLM to issue keys as before. 

Note: This is a short term solution and does not resolve the problem as it will occur again after a period of time.
·         The permanent solution is to reduce the TKLM audit level to low and change the wsadmin process’s Java memory heap size. This needs to be done in two locations and can be done by following the steps provided:

1.     Backup the /tklm filesystem before you edit the files.

sudo dsmc /tklm

2.     Reduce the TKLM audit level to low by using the TKLM web GUI and navigating to
1)     TKLM > Configuration > Audit
2)     Select Low and click OK
Confirm by looking into this file: /tklm/tip/products/tklm/config/
 Verify that Audit.event.type and Audit.event.outcome variables state the following:

Audit.event.types = runtime, authorization, authorization_terminate, resource_management, key_management
 Audit.event.outcome = failure

3.     Edit wsadmin script and server.xml manually.
1)     You will find the two files that require editing, server.xml and, in the following directories:

4.      modify the wsadmin -Xmx setting.
1) Locate and modify the below entry
default value:
PERF_JVM_OPTION(S)="-Xms256m -Xmx256m -Xj9 -Xquickstart"

set max value:
PERF_JVM_OPTION(S)="-Xms256m -Xmx1280m -Xj9 -Xquickstart"
Note: The maximum heap size for wsadmin is 1280Mb

2) Save the changes

5.     Now modify the server.xml file by setting the genericJvmArguments variable to “-Xmx2048m”
1)     Locate and modify the below entry
2)     Save the changes

6.     As root stop TKLM
1)    /tklm/tip/bin/ server1
7.     As root start TKLM
1)    /tklm/tip/bin/ server1

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