Monday, June 08, 2015

Best Desktop Linux Distro

Ok not a TSM subject, but I am running Linux (Kubuntu 15.04) on an old Sony laptop and while I like it, something is missing. I want a launcher bar but didn't like Unity. Anyone out there suggest a distro that they like? I've used Mint with Cinnamon and Mate but thought I'd try KDE again after the new release.  I don't particularly like GNOME but....


  1. Hi,

    I was testing Elemantary OS for some time and it worked great. Maybe worth trying.


  2. I am going to put Linux on a friends laptop and he's NEVER used Linux or UNIX so I am thinking either Zoran or PCLinuxOS. I would use Elementary but he's never used a Mac either so the learning curve could be high.

  3. I use LXLE. Great for older hardware and screams on new hardware. Easy for a newbie as well...