Friday, June 26, 2015

Remote Site Backup

Ok here is the scenario, we have a 2.8TB Windows file server at a remote location and we have to back it up over the WAN.  We can't put a TSM server locally due to many issues (one is that it's not worth wasting resources on 2-3 servers). Due to throughput the backup was calculated to possibly take 25+ days to complete. So the idea I came up with was to copy the data onto a 4TB USB  drive and then ship the drive to our Data Center and attach it to another Windows server as the same drive name/label and the drive has at the remote site, setup a dsm.opt with the node name of the remote server and run the backup. The hope is that then when we run the backup remotely it will see all it's data as already backed up and then pickup with incremental backups. Will it work? Anyone tried it? I'm worried there are too many file variables involved and it will still try and backup the files all over again.


  1. Hi Chad,
    I would set up a server TSM on a laptop (attached to a large USB drive) for the initial backup at the remote site and then do a export back at the central site.

  2. My thought was to try and get the data from the remote site without having to setup a TSM server and export/import. It's just a hassle, but that would definitely work.

  3. Hi Chad,

    my idea is copy data to USB. Backup data on TSM. Rename filespaces to correct hostname.

    Try it with few files. Test incremental backup.


  4. Sounds tricky, but you can possibly do the external usb method, configure a test client using the same nodename as the remote client that you'll be backing up, after you are done backing up from the test client. log into the actual remote client and see if it can see the backup images.