Monday, June 13, 2005

Just Google It!

Ok, if you have every had a problem with TSM then you probably have wished Tivoli support was a little more responsive. I'll be honest with you, the large majority of my problems have been resolved with two web based resources. The first is which has always been a great resource for finding the answers to most problems. The second and probably the least used is Google. When I Google search my problems I am amazed at how often I can find my answer. Sometimes the problems are OS related and not a true TSM issue and Google helps me identify the correct resolution. I will say this, if and Google don't have the solution check the TSM client README for any OS dependent patches since that has bit me in the rear a number of times. Hey, Google is great and its free and its faster at responding than Tivoli support. You might still have to get with support on the REALLY tough stuff but before you go down that road try the alternatives and you'll be greatly surprised.

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