Wednesday, June 08, 2005

TSM and Windows Volume Shadow Copy

First off let me just say that the name TSMExpert was more of a joke. I was setting up aliases on Notes Mail and for fun put TSMExpert and viola I got it. Didn't think it would go through but hey as long as I have it I might as well use it. I can be reached at and will answer questions as much as possible. Remember TSM is a fickle beast but when setup correctly it is the best enterprise backup/archive tool on the market.

I have been working with many issues on Windows 2003 and the TSM client. We upgraded to 5.2.4 on many of our clients and some to 5.3 due to the shadow copy issues. TSM seems to have serious issues with VSC and gives RC12 on schedules when its implemented. I am not quite sure how VSC is suppose to help when it resides on the same disk as the data its supposed to correct, but I get its more like the snapshot feature on NetApps. I would recommend you upgrade all 2003 servers if you are having this problem to 5.3 since it is supposed to resolve this issue. Also be aware there are problems with older client versions stability and reliability on 2003 servers. We have experienced numerous crashes and System State backup failures with the older clients. This is another reason for upgrading.


  1. I had numerous VSS issues with W2K3 running on VMWARE instances. Upgrading to client level 5.3 resolved the issues.

  2. I believe we eventually found two services that must be set to "manual" before the Shadow Copy will allow TSM to complete a backup:
    MS Software Shadow Copy Provider
    Volume Shadow Copy

    With those two enabled, I can get good completions on my MS2K servers everytime.

    Jeff Easter

  3. We are having a lot of problems with VSC and TSM and the client is not happy with that, the question is we have TSM clients in the last level, 2003 server with the last service pack (microsoft recomendation), but some servers still failing with VSC issues, some times infracstructure, some times WMI corrupt DB. we have a ticket open it with TSM 1level and microsoft, if someone knows a beter way to have a clear sched please let me know.