Wednesday, June 08, 2005

TSM 5.3 Server And The Return Of The Web Interface

There has been such an uproar over TSM 5.3 dumping the web interface that IBM/Tivoli quietly released documentation on how to turn it back on for 5.3 servers. The sad thing is that Tivoli in their push to integrate websphere did not look at the problems faced when you take a critical process like backup and turn the tables on system and storage administrators overnight. The truth is that the new interface is clunky and adds time to the whole rebuild process if your people are not capable of using the command line. I have used the ISC but not enough to have a solid verdict. It looks like it has some nice features but by not making it somewhat similar to the old web interface they have only made a lot of people angry. Here is the documentation for turning back on the web interface on 5.3 servers. For now it works, we'll have to see how long they allow it.

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