Thursday, April 05, 2007

Servergraph Help!

If anyone out there uses Servergraph and would be willing to give some pointers or insight into it I would be indebted. This product is VERY complex and it leaves a new user wondering where to start. So please help if you can!


  1. Hi, Chad,

    We use servergraph - mostly for backup/missed nodes notification, and chargeback. It is very complex.. and for several years we corrupted the database everytime we added more than 4 or 5 records - but that has been addressed. We have 2 sites, 2 library managers and 14 client instances and 2 dr servers.. so it contains all the information in one location. Reporting, snmp notification, and information is ok.. and the manual is pretty good - but our Storage dept bought it - and I do not think we would have chosen it if we had a choice. We are demo'ing TSMManager right now to replace the wonderful ISC.. even though Servergraph does have some operation management capabilities - it is not much better than ISC.. In a small TSM operation it is fine.


  2. Hi chad

    We are running Servergraph... the new version call DPE( it is really interesting software.. and really need a good database backgroup to pull out the information that you what.. yes we,ve run in a couple of issues but nothing to nasty that will change the decision.. We are planning the installed the old version running only on a unix platform cause it give better managability... we are running DPE with more the 360 nodes...