Thursday, April 05, 2007

Split TSM servers (same platform)

One of our customers has a TSM sevrer with a very big TSM database (100G) and wants to split this big TSM server database into two TSM servers.

The plan is to install a new TSM server instance and load this big TSM database into this new instance. We want to separate these two TSM servers in the following way: we would delete those nodes from the original TSM server that we would keep in the new/another instance and vica versa based on the storage pool usage (means keep/delete whole storage pools on TSM servers).

/* The new instance will be a library client of the original TSM server which will be a library manager. */

What do you think of it? Will it work or not?


  1. The main problem is that the DB on the original will become fragmented and hard to reduce. You might not reclaim much DB space. As for the process, yeah it can work, I have done it before. Let me give you one piece of advice. Library managers on an active server are a nightmare. I would highly recommend you create a third instance that was the library manager and nother else. The problem lies it restart time...a TSM server with active clients can take a while to come back up whereas an instance used just as a library manager has a quick response time. This can be key when the library becomes unresponsive...which it will do.

  2. If you are using "export node to server" you can split easily the servers (needs some time). After thee splitting you'll need some downtime for the DB cleanup on the old TSM Server.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    The question is simple: have you ever tried to export 20T data with export node command?

  4. I haven't either (I'm not the anon who replied earlier), but I can imagine it might take a bit of time :)

    How did this process go? Any updates?