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Monday, April 02, 2007

X Windows GUI Gone!

I was performing a DR recently and while trying to do a large HP/UX system restore found that the TSM X-Windows GUI was not in the client directory. Upon further investigation it turns out that Tivoli has switched to a complete Java GUI. While this works fine the problem is with Java. During the DR test I was allowed to install java but on the production systems the customer does not want Java installed. So with no X-Windows client and the inability to use java the command line is the only option. Now this is fine when restoring individual files, filesystems, and so forth, but I found restoring a VERY large server with 20+ filesystems is a whole lot easier and faster with the GUI. So the lack of an X-Windows client could be an issue if like many companies you don't install java on your UNIX servers.


  1. And what about the WEB client (dsmcad)?
    That doens't help for you?

  2. You have to have java loaded on the client machine for the dsmcad to execute the web GUI. So it's the same situation if the client doesn't load java on their servers.

  3. So let me get this straight. The dsm command line to open an X-Window session is gone? Is this true? We are currently upgrading to TSM v5.5 but our operators use a documented process that requires the use of the X-Window client. This will now slow down the adoption of the newest TSM client. In addition, we have scripts that are designed to walk an operator through a restore but now without the X-Windows client it looks like we'll need to figure something else out. It's the little things like this that are extremely aggravating with TSM (and IBM for that matter).

  4. I'll clarify, the X-Windows client is now just a java based client. It is available but it is not the same as the old GUI since JAVA is now required to run it. The old client did not require JAVA which helped out on servers where JAVA was considered a vulnerability and not installed.