Monday, June 04, 2007


We face a lot of problems recently with LAN-FREE on MS Windows platform. The TSM server runs on AIX or HP-UX, but the client is always MS Windows. Sometimes we lose one or a few drives, sometimes all of them. The problem doesn't evolve immediately only after a while. For these problematic customers we use J1A, E05 or LTO3 drives with the newest firmwares and drivers, of course.

Does anyone else have the same CHALLENGE?


  1. Have you turned on persistent bindings on the Windows boxes? This is a feature of some HBAs, but not all. Without that, every time the the OS reboots, the SAN devices could come up as different device names, and the serial numbers that TSM has defined for each device won't map anymore.

  2. Mark,
    The bindings are Ok.
    The device driver is Ok from the TSM server and from the client side BUT says: device is busy.
    It(busy)'s not true because nobody uses the drive. In this case we have to restart the whole library (when we lost all drives) or swith off/on the drive itself or offline/online the fiber port on the fiber swith (when we lost only one or two)...

  3. I am about to embark upon the realm of LAN-free backups, and I would like to know ALL that entails on getting it implemented, and used, successfully.

    If you have ANY advise, hints, tips, etc. that you do not mind sharing, I would gladly appreciate it.

    Thank U