Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NDMP Question

I have a customer who wants to have a copy of a NetApp volume. That's not a problem but my question is this, is an NDMP dump initiated by TSM capable of being restored without a TSM server? Since TSM labeled the tape is there any issue with trying to restore the data directly from a NetApp with a direct attached drive? Also when running an NDMP dump directly from the NetApp and not from TSM is the TOC/Catalogue stored on the same tape with the data? My thinking is that the NDMP dump even though initiated by TSM is still just an NDMP dump. My concern is the TSM labeling and if it would cause any readability issues for a NetApp based restore?


I contacted Tivoli support and a NDMP backup is fully independent of TSM. I figured it was but wanted to make sure. The customer wanted us to backup a NetApp volume and send him the tape to hold indefinitely. Now I know I can just send him one of the older NetApp backups from the time period requested without needing to do anything special.

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