Friday, June 01, 2007

When Good Libraries Go Bad!

This title might sound like a FOX network show, but the other day our SUN/STK Powderhorn library stopped mounting tapes and was giving us all sorts of problems. I called out SUN support and the service reps looked over the library and found nothing wrong. The next place to look was, of course, ACSLS. We cycled ACSLS twice and each time the library had trouble coming back online and even when we got the acs and and ports online we could not get the lsm to come online. Every attempt failed and I left the problem in the hands of our oncall to figure out with STK. When I finally heard from him I was told the problem was a duplicate IP had caused the whole library to become inaccessible to the ACSLS host. So this relatively simple mistake took out a backup and restore environment for most of a day. Just shows you can never plan enough for the types of problems that can occur.

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