Tuesday, May 05, 2009

TSM 6.1 Upgrade - FYI

For those of you looking to upgrade your current TSM instances to 6.1 take note of this issue with upgrading the DB.

At this time a database containing backup sets or tables of contents (TOCs) cannot be upgraded to V6.1. The database upgrade utilities check for defined backup sets and existing TOCs. If either exists, the upgrade stops and a message is issued saying that the upgrade is not possible at the time. In addition, any operation on a V6.1 server that tries to create or load a TOC fails.

When support is restored by a future V6.1 fix pack, the database upgrade and all backup set and TOC operations will be fully enabled.

I haven't heard if this will be fixed in the first patch of 6.1 but keep it in mind when considering upgrading your system rather than starting from scratch.

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