Thursday, May 14, 2009

TSM 6.1 Upgrade - Need To Know!

So In researching the TSM 5.5 to 6.1 upgrade I have come across a number of issues that should have been compiled into a complete list to keep admins informed. So here it goes.

Things to know about TSM 6.1:
  • Although stated that the 6.1 DB should be the same size as the 5.5 DB the TSM community is claiming as much as 4x the space is required
  • It does not support RAW volumes for the TSM DB and Log
  • It has added archive logging to the existing log process (i.e. more disk space required to run)
  • It cannot generate or define backupsets at this time
  • It does not support NAS or Backupset TOC's at this time
  • It will not allow a DB upgrade if TOC's or Backupsets exist on the current TSM server
  • NQR (No Query Restore) is now slower due to how 6.1 processes the data before sending it to the client
I have been hearing of upgrades taking an extremely long time so be aware that if doing an upgrade the TSM source instance has to be down to allow the upgrade when doing it across the LAN or on the same server.  Even with the media method your source instance has to be down to perform the DB dump since 6.1 cannot use a standard TSM DB backup.


  1. TSM admins should be aware of several other "fleabites" coming along with TSM 6.1

    - the installation takes longer, needs more disk space and the "Deployment Enginge" coming along is very sensitive to your environment (JRE, OS libraries etc.) and is likely to fail on the first try.
    - new functions like deduplication will make you rethink your storage hierarchy and your daily timetable for all TSM operations especially housekeeping.
    - you need more resources for TSM 6.1. More disk space (like mentioned in the blog) and also more RAM, like 4-8 GB per instance.
    - installing, configuring and using the "comes-for-free" reporting and monitoring feature is an adventure of its own. Besides the HW resources needed it's very time consuming.

    Over all: this is not the old well-known "download the code, install, run upgrade db and get happily back in business" thing we are used to.


  2. On top of Michaels comment - the reporting/monitoring software is REQUIRED to be on a seperate server.

    (With the recommendation that 2nd server becomes your ISC server as well)

    so far 6.1 installs I've done have worked frst try (just WIN at this stage) - but I'll second the sys requirements - they're not kidding with the 4GB min / 8GB recommended