Saturday, May 30, 2009

TSMExpert Changes

So I have recently made numerous changes to the site and hope you all like it. I was finally able to get the inline comment piece working and made changes to the categories list and template. So what I have realized is the following:

  1. Blogger is somewhat restrictive when your site outgrows normal blogging

  2. is inadequate in its customization to use as a alternative

  3. I need to consider a host that offers WordPress for more functionality
    (GoDaddy! probably)

  4. I need to learn XHTML and CSS

  5. This took to much of my spare time
    (I have 4 kids, I don't have spare time!)

I hope you like the changes and if you have any suggestions or comments I will add those shortly. Also the contributors list will be back up when I figure how they changed the widget.

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