Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Memory Efficient Backup

I have come across a few servers that have memory issues when backing up large drives / filesystems and using MEMORYEFFICIENTBACKUP was not resolving the backup failures. The error code I would see was

ANS1030E The operating system refused a TSM request for memory allocation.

The problem was one drive that has millions of small files all under one directory. It's one of those poorly devised custom programs, and I've seen it a hundred times.  I could journal the drive, but we seemed to get better results with an alternative method.  A coworker reminded me of the INCLUDE.FS option using DISKCACHE and specifying the cache location.


With the include.fs TSM will only use the memoryefficientbackup diskcache method for that particular drive, allowing the rest of the backup to perform normally. So if you have a drive or filesystem with millions of files this is an alternative to journaling.

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