Friday, June 10, 2011

TSM Server V6 AIX Install/Upgrade Gotchas

So after setting up numerous TSM 6.1 and 6.2 servers here are a few of the things that have been little gotchas. They were never upgrade stoppers but they did cause some headaches as we determined what was causing the errors.

  • Check the ATAPE version (recommend 11.x)
  • Check your xlC C++ runtime level (recommend or greater)
  • With AIX you must have IOCP set to available or else you'll have to update the OS setting and reboot the server.
  • Make sure the user id that the TSM 6.x instance is running under has ulimit set to unlimited. Real pain when you go to create disk volumes and you forgot to set the ulimit. It was my absentminded moment!
  • Don't forget that the tsmdbmgr.log file ownership needs to be the new ID not root.
  • Also when using RAW disk volumes for TSM diskpools chown the device file (example: /dev/rtsmdata01) to the new user id or TSM will say it's unavailable.
  • With a recent upgrade we could not get the TSM DB backup to execute without an error. It turned out the TSM client's dsmtca file ownership had been accidentally changed to the TSM server's user ID and it MUST BE OWNED BY ROOT for the backup of the TSM DB to execute successfully.
If you have anything you've experienced you consider a "GOTCHA" , whether it be UNIX or Windows, then leave a comment and help others who might run across the same issue(s).

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