Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Problem? It's Working As Designed!

When upgrading from TSM 5.x to 6.x you have probably found that your select queries don't return in table format but in list format. You ask yourself, "WTH is going on here?" First off don't complain to IBM, it's "working as designed." You see with the change of the TSM DB to DB2 many of table column widths have changed. To have your select statements return in table format IBM states that you should use the CAST function on certain (if not all) columns. Otherwise, the best alternative is to save the results in commadelimited format and open the data in Excel. Here's the APAR??? that states it's not a problem. To quote Lady Gaga, TSM 6.x was "Born This Way!"

NOTE: Is it me or does IBM's last example leave one scratching their head wondering how using cast helped???


  1. Hi Chad,

    I'm getting a 404 on the link to the APAR. Can you relink?




    If you have problems with the link, it is also in todays TSM topics feed above.

  3. You can always force the display mode to either table or list by including the following when starting dsmadmc:




    The default behavior is to display the output as a table unless the sum of all the column widths exceeds a certain threshold. Once the threshold is exceeded then the output switches to list mode by default. Using table or list mode can be overwritten by a command line parameter to dsmadmc.

    The casting reduces the total width of the columns under the threshold which is why it works.