Thursday, November 15, 2007

TSM Job in LA

TSM Engineer

6 month contract to hire

Up to $105,000 perm salary

- Candidate will be part of the Engineering (Technical Services) group

- The main characteristic of the candidate they are looking for is troubleshooting and the desire to find problems and fix them.

- Skills needed in addition to traditional TSM admin experience;

1. Tivoli Data Protection (TDP) is the #1 skill they are looking for. TDP is Tivoli module that helps back up databases such as SQL and UDB. The client has approximately 50TB a night in database info that needs to be backed up.

2. Server Migration Experience. The client is moving some mainframe based TSM over to a Unix platform. They will also be upgrading some of their older Unix servers to new ones so server migration experience is very important to them.

3. NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol)

4. NAS backups. Currently, their NAS is not mirrored.

- Client currently has 13 TSM servers and is looking to have as many as 30 by the end of next year

- LA facility has 3 servers moving to 7

- Candidate will be on 7/24 oncall rotation once every 8 weeks.

- Candidate will work 45-50 hours per week.

David Schnurr
866-491-0601 toll free
918-491-0800 fax

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