Thursday, November 22, 2007

TSM Sharepoint TDP

Has anyone used the Sharepoint TDP for TSM yet? I have a number of Sharepoint servers at work and would like to know what users thoughts are on its capabilities. Is it easy to use or a nightmare to implement? Does it backup well or is it slow? Does it adversely affect the systems performance? If anyone can give me some feedback I'd appreciate it.


  1. I have not even heard about it... and let You test it. ;-) Go on! ;-)
    /* We also use MS Sharepoint so I'm curious about your result. */

  2. Hi,

    I implemented TDP for Sharepoint. It is easy. But ...

    1) you need space for dumping database, it is not going directly to tsm. it means: dump from database to FS and then backup

    2) default is lock database and chack box is realy small (for me)

    3) plugin have separated scheduler - nice but you cannot use central scheduler because backup command (from cmd line) is not waiting for end of command

    IBM have a lot of work on it.

    thanks for your blog

  3. The sharepoint TDP was covered in the 2007 Symposium. If you are interested the presentation is available for download and review.

  4. TSM for SharePoint sold through IBM writes directly to the TSM server.

    It is totally software based, which is nice, and doesn't impact my overall SharePoint performance.

    It would be nice to have an integrated scheduler, but overall pretty much the only real negative i have experienced with the product thus far

  5. TSM for SharePoint is nice because it writes all data directly to the TSM server using the TSM API model.

    The install is rather easy as the product is completly software based, i have actually installed a few components on VM as my SP environment is not too large just yet. It also does not affect the performance on my overall Sharepoint architecture.

    I would like to see an integrated scheduler and possibly more integration through the TSM interface, but the overall experience has been positive